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weight loss/ thyroid/ hormone clinic for sale- Just add NP and stir- $39,000

Palmer, AK


Hiring Company

Empower Medical and Wellness

Positions Available

Full Time

Salary Information

$150,000 - $200,000 / year

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Position Description

Position: 1 or 2 Family Nurse Practitioners to purchase successful established and still growing business. 

Location: Empower Medical and Wellness in Palmer, Alaska 

 Specialty Boutique style office. Nurse Practitioner owned and managed. We diagnose and treat male and female patients  with Thyroid dysfunction, Metabolic syndrome,  Hormone Imbalance, and Weight Issues. No prior hormone experience required. This is also a great set up for 1 Np to see medical patients as another NP sees Aesthetic patients or massage therapy or even IV nutrition. The possibilities are unlimited. 

This business is a few months shy of being open 2 years. Unfortunately we need to move back down south due to failing health of my husbands parents. I finally have it running smoothly and lucrative.  All the hard work of setting everything up ( learning the hard way of what to do and what not to do) has already been done for you. Completely remodeled the rental office space in Sept 2020. 

1 receptionist and 1 medical assistant on board who are familiar with patients, practice, pricing, etc  if you choose to keep them on.

Medical Billers, Office consultant,  already familiar with practice if you need guidance or want someone to do your billing ( I recommend this highly)

Waiting room-  Sashe couch, sitting bench, wall fireplace, side table, Keurig coffee maker,  guest complimentary table, birch tree vase arrangement

Receptionist area- copy/fax machine, 2 multi line phones, computer with 2 screens, router, filing cabinets, office supplies, shelving with supplements, locking drawer for petty cash

Owners office- 2 desks, chair, filing cabinet, office supplies, happy light, small heater, multi line phone

lab- autoclave, filing cabinet, computer, sharps containers, $1000+ in medical supplies, computer, EKG, 3 mayo stands, cabinetry, refrigerator , multi line phone

pt room 1, 2, and 3- Most everything came from Pier 1- nice chairs, side tables, sashe couch, large hanging pictures, free standing fireplace, free standing hutches, 2 exam beds with stirrups ( 1 in storage), 3 very nice aesthetic style chairs , wall shelves, flower arrangements, decor, 

break area - table , 2 chairs, long hutch, microwave, refrigerator,

storage room- metal shelving, filing cabinet, office supplies, marketing material, more medical supplies

 hall way- large Pier 1 print, weight scale, height board

Outside - electronic sign with Empower message , 2 professional signs at road

Functioning website

The office space is being rented in upstairs  in the same building as  Palmer Alaska Club- building is not part of price. However the office is set up and owner is ok with new tenant taking over. 

Patient charts: 400+blue cross/ aetna, Cigna Patient charts, maybe 20 active medicaid. No medicare

Monthly deposits of $28,000 -$30,000 into checking account

This is based on me seeing 8-9 patients a day, 4 days a week

Can easily be increased by more patients or even hiring a 2nd practitioner, or renting out extra rooms

Business name, patient charts, all above furnishings, website, etc

Just add NP and stir

$39,000  total, possible option to pay monthly as revenue is received (owners discretion 

Serious inquires only, site visit required before any financials reviewed

No calls to the clinic, all calls to my personal cell only

Tyfanae Brinke- 907- 795-8456

web site

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Employers use ENP Network daily to search for the perfect candidate. Get listed so they can discover you.

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