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Diabetes Prevention and Control Program: Information for Providers

Posted about 3 years ago by Sarah Bilak-Larson

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As some of you know our office, the Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, has been working hard regarding outreach and providing information to providers regarding resources available in the state and low-cost resources regarding Type 2 Diabetes. In March 2015 we hired Stellar Group to outreach throughout the state to discover how providers felt about Diabetes Self-Management Education Programs, as well as Diabetes Prevention Programs.

There were three items that were identified. Providers would like:

1. Easy access to updated/new information

2. More information about the programs, does it work? Evidence?

3. Information regarding reimbursement when needed, also to include the team, not just the medical provider but the other healthcare professionals involved in the team

We decided to focus on National Diabetes Prevention Programs at this stage, since we have three in Anchorage. We are also working on training more Diabetes Self-Management Education leaders, and recognizing more sites. However, The National Diabetes Prevention Programs is new and needs more outreach and advertising. At this time, in Anchorage we have three recognized programs:

1. UAF – Cooperative Extension Services

2. YMCA – Alaska

3. Turnaroundhealth – also known as ALIVE-PD (virtual program)

Jayne, our intern is working on putting together a summary sheet regarding these programs. The summary sheet will contain a brief description about the program, location, availability of financial aid/scholarships, cost, and benefits from the program.

What we need your help with is to have this information available for your providers. We know you are all busy, therefore; we suggest the following: our office will create the summary sheet, print the summary sheet, and provide one-on-one presentations to your providers beginning February (if wanted/needed) to introduce them to the summary sheet. The flow of your office, clinic and so forth may be different; therefore; you may want this information to be placed in patient rooms, at the front desk, at the waiting room. This is left up to you.

We would like the opportunity for Jayne to come to your office and present the sheets to the staff you identified, and if needed for her to place the summary sheets in the patient rooms, waiting room, or front desk and explain the content to the staff, so the correct information can be given to your clients.

We are expecting to provide a copy of the summary sheet by January 27. Please let us know if your office or provider group is interested in receiving this information. Enclosed you will find information regarding the virtual program, the final report from the Stellar Group, and the CDC infographic sheet regarding Pre-diabetes and the need to educate others.

Please review the three PDFs attached to this Announcement.