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NP Student Searching for a Preceptor

Posted about 3 years ago by Sarah Bilak-Larson

  I am a student of Chamberlain College of Nursing where I received my BSN. I have been a nurse since 2010 and am currently the clinical director of a very busy university OR. I have also worked in step-down for 4 years at the local regional medical center (which is the area's only level 1 trauma center). I have applied for and received my Alaska state nursing license and am up-to-date on my BLS and ACLS certifications.
I am required to complete 625 hours of practical experience (125 hours per eight week session). I am also required to locate a preceptor who (according to our handbook)
must possess a master's degree in nursing at the minimum, be nationally board-certified as a nurse practitioner and hold an active advanced practice license. The preceptor must also have at least one year of practice as a nurse practitioner. Other types of health professionals may also serve as a preceptor for FNP students: Medical Doctor (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathy (DO). MDs and DOs must have an active medical license.
*I can also have multiple preceptors at my practicum site, if I obtain approval ahead of time.
I was wondering if you might be able to put me in contact with FNPs who might be willing to precept me. I must complete a practicum application by 3/1/16 and must include a preceptor profile. I can certainly provide my resume if you know someone who could be interested, and I can contact that person by phone to make sure I would be a good fit for his or her facility. Although I do plan on working while I am completing my FNP courses, I will start that search after I have determined what hours and days are most convenient for my preceptor and practicum site.

Thank you any assistance you can offer,

Melinda Noble, RN BSN
(901) 326-1086