Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association

Executive Board Positions

Posted about 3 years ago by Shannon Hilton

The Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association is currently accepting nominations for executive board position of President Elect and Treasurer for the upcoming term beginning in October. The Secretary and Treasurer positions change every 2 years, Mary Anne has been Treasurer for 3 years. The most immediate need is for treasurer. Per our bylaws students can hold the position of Secretary or Treasurer. These hours would count as professional hours. Please contact one of the executive board members for more information:

Current Executive Board Members

Shannon Hilton, President

Tracey Weise, Immediate Past President,

Nick Manwaring, President Elect

Sarah Bilak-Larson, Secretary (2 year term)

Mary Anne Rowan, Treasurer (3rd year of 2 year term)

Charity Manwaring, Administrative Assistant,