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Bylaws Updates

Posted over 6 years ago by Robin Bassett

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Bylaws Updated (52 KB)

Please review the attached bylaws updates. Please view this Word document so that you can see the changes (track changes). This way you will be able to see what is PROPOSED to be changed. Please feel free to comment or make suggestions. We have not mailed ballots for our elections in some time and we have moved to a web-based communication (instead of listserv) so these are the majority of changes. 

We will keep this posted and vote on these changes (with additional edits) during the February meeting. 


Mary Anne Wilson over 6 years ago

The proposed changes look fine to me. To clarify, how will the voting be done DURING the conference? My assumption is that we would vote prior to the conference & the announcement made at the business mtg.?

Bennett Jackson over 6 years ago

looks fine

Sally Coburn over 6 years ago

Would suggest publishing the ballot 7 days in advance and returned no less than 5 day before the conference or established date under Article V Sect'ns 3 and 4. This will allow for tabulation and notification of new officers before the business meeting at conference.
Past President, Secretary and Treasurer should be capitalized in all places (see Sect 3, 4, 8A.)
Typos to correct if not already: Sect 7 Be responsible; Dissolutions B "by Page 5 of 5".
Thanks for the work on this!

Robin Bassett over 6 years ago

Voting prior to the business meeting is great - we've only had one person willing to run for each position previously so actual voting has not taken place for several years.
We could certainly publish and vote prior the the business meeting - maybe we can figure out an electronic way to vote? Other organizations do it - I'll ask Tracey -
I think mailing ballots is expensive and takes too much time - Just thinking.....

Elizabeth A Smaha over 6 years ago

I believe that Article I, Section 2: Purpose of Org
A-G appears to be 'dated' & rather redundant. I would like Section 2 to be 'updated' for Membership review & input. I am willing to 'revise' & post for review & input by Mon PM 1/21/13 if Members are interested in 'revisions'.
Elizabeth A Smaha

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