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Proposed Bylaw Changes - WE NEED YOUR VOTE

Posted over 3 years ago by Tracey Wiese

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A small work group met last weekend to review the current ANPA bylaws and make recommendations for updates and changes. The document that is attached includes all of the changes that were suggested by the work group. We will begin reviewing these changes with the general membership over the next couple of meetings. We would like your comments here on this page, and also please attend the meetings this week and next month. 


Lois Rockcastle over 3 years ago

It seems the name change may confuse the public and others. Is it really necessary at this time?

Rae Jean Blaschka over 3 years ago

If we change the name of the organization now, will it automatically be linked to searches for Alaska Nurse Practitioner Assoc?

The change is awkward, but I can see the need for shared national nomenclature.

thanks for your work.

Rebecca Malone over 3 years ago

I vote for all the recommendations to pass.

Thank you

Debbie Chabot over 3 years ago

The proposed name feels awkward and I do not think it should be changed.

Shannon Hilton over 3 years ago

The name of the organization will stay the same Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association

The only change to the bylaws is to change ANP to APRN-CNP to be consistent with titling in the nurse practice act.

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