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Posted over 1 year ago by Shannon Hilton

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As you know we have been working on updating our bylaws. I have attached final version after much discussion on what our bylaws should look like. We will be reviewing these changes and voting on them at the conference. Until then please contact a member of the executive board about questions, comments, or clarifications or please leave a comment below. These will be available for comment for 30 days, of which time we will discuss and vote upon at the conference. 

Thank you, 

ANPA Executive Board. 


Laura Sarcone over 1 year ago

First of all, thanks for all your work on this! I know what a tedious and thankless endeavor by laws can be. I have a couple of comments which I will intersperse in the text below.

D. Provide a forum for Alaska licensed APRNs to discuss, formulate and articulate recommended additions, revisions and/or deletions in a unified voice to the Alaska Board of Nursing Executive Director pertaining to Statutes and Regulations impacting APRN licensure, professional practice and consumer access;

I am definitely in favor of more, not less, communication and involvement, however as the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association you represent nurse practitioners, not all APRNs. I believe the ANPA can present a unified NP voice to the Board of Nursing, but not a unified APRN voice. The APRN Alliance, with representation from all 4 APRN specialties, is positioned to present a unified APRN voice.

E. Promote ongoing professional communication among all Alaska licensed APRNs to enhance the ability to speak as a collective voice in promoting professional practice to the full extent of their education, training and experience to the health care community, consumers of health care services, legislators and community leaders State-wide;

Again, as the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association you represent nurse practitioners not all APRNs. Perhaps this could be word-smithed to convey the concept of a robust dialog within the NP community and active participation and representation of the NP voice at the APRN Alliance.

Thanks! see you at the conference

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