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Using Go To Meetings; Some Tips and Tricks

Posted over 6 years ago by Tracey Wiese

The ANPA is very excited to announce that we will be piloting the use of "Go To Meetings" for our March General Membership meeting.  This is in response from our membership survey in which people wanted to feel a little more connected.  Please bear with us, as this will be our first time using the software.  If the membership feels like it is helpful, the executive board will be requesting that we purchase a year license of unlimited use of both Go To Webinars and Go To Meetings.

You may still call in to the meeting using the call in number, but if you also join the Go To Meetings link, you can "raise" your hand and type in questions so that you are not straining to be heard.

You may also use the speakers and microphone on your computer if you do not want to call in and waste minutes on your phone! It is reccomended that you have a USB headset to participate this way.

For more information: Click Here

If you have any questions about participating via Go To Meetings, please contact ANPA via the "contact us" button on the webpage.

Check in the General Membership Meeting Announcement for the link to the meeting.


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