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Important Practice Issue, Please Comment

Posted almost 6 years ago by Tracey Wiese

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Please take a look at the Anchorage School District's OHI form, it limits NP practice by disallowing NPs to make a diagnosis of Otherwise Health Impaired, allowing for extra services at school.

This is a problem currently for the Anchorage FASD team, as there is no physician willing to be on the team. Children may be denied services in school. The ANPA will be writing a letter of support to change this.

Please see the attached letter written by the coordinator of the FASD team, Marilyn Pierce-Bulger, CNM, ANP.

Comment if you desire.


Kate Engleman almost 6 years ago

Until recently I have been working remotely where the problem of FASD is prevalent. My fear here is that other school districts will adopt the same narrow policies. The people hurt here will be the children. Perhaps we can begin a write in campaign? I guess I was lucky enough to work in a system that valued the skills of its practitioner "in the village."

Ginger Scoggin almost 6 years ago

I'm unable to find this statute (regulation?). Can someone point send me the link to 12 AAC 40.990(s)(12)? I find vague reference to it in 2007 medical board meeting minutes, but for some reason, can't find it. Please send the link to
Thanks! Ginger

Tracey Wiese almost 6 years ago

Hi Ginger, I was also unable to find the actual regulation, and found what I think you are referring to as well. The school district says that they are going off of a federal statute which has old, non provider-neutral language.

Zulene Simmons almost 6 years ago

As more and more states allow our Nurse Practitioners to practice independently, it becomes obvious that the old federal stance is outdated. I believe your attached letter is a good one and I would suggest that you CC our senators and Mrs. Obama. It's time to change the law.
Zulene Simmons

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