Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association

Updated Bylaws

Posted almost 6 years ago by Robin Bassett

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Please review the attached Bylaws revisions and comment - thank you to those contributing updated language


Mary M Hillstrand almost 6 years ago

Nice job on the bylaws revision. They look great.
Mo Hillstrand ANP, DNP

Lynn Hartz almost 6 years ago

what a nice way to present the changes and rationale. Thanks for all that work. Looks good to me. Lynn Hartz, Anchorage

Elizabeth A Smaha almost 6 years ago

Thanks for taking the time to present these possible changes in this revised format for review!
Additional questions:
In Art IV - Meetings
Sec 6 - Add Webinar/Teleconference
In Art IX - Is there any need to retain Chapter formation & dissolution now that we have website & webinar/teleconference communications?? Have ANPA Chapters ever existed for this org?

Can we post the "final" updated Org BYLAWS & Org STRATEGIC PLAN under the Membership Information Folder on our website?

THX to everyone for their work & contributions.
Elizabeth Smaha

Robin Bassett almost 6 years ago

Good point Elizabeth - I had considered removing this section as well but I changed my mind when thinking about how nice it would be to have enough NPs in other areas so that they organized and met regularly - the hope would be that they would want to connect with the statewide group and thus continue a united voice. Of course, if you have chapter formations/you have to include how they are dissolved. Thus I suppose I personally wanted to leave it in as a hope for the future (that we would have chapters meeting regularly!) Hope that explains my thinking

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