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2021/2022 Online Ballot Information for Open Executive Board Positions

Posted 13 days ago

This is the online ballot information for the election of the open seats for the Executive Board that will serve the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association for a two-year term beginning November 10, 2021. Current members of the Alaska Nurse Practitioner Association will be allowed to vote. Members have been sent an email to their email address on file.

If you did not receive an email, please send a message to our Executive Administrator, Charity, at

You may vote for one candidate for each position. Voting will close November 6, 2021

President Elect Candidates

Dolores Van Bourgondien

"I have been a nurse for 16 years and a Nurse Practitioner for the last 7 years practicing in the areas of internal medicine, psych, addiction and hospitalist medicine.

I recently moved, in 2019 , from Boca Raton, Florida to Juneau after being offered a job working in Medicated Assisted treatment (MAT) based out of Juneau. My role involves being a provider but also coordinating my patients care with OCS, social services, homeless shelters, therapists, and other providers.

In 2020 nurse practitioners in every state were faced with the challenges of COVID. In the space of a few short days, we had to pivot from an office, clinic and hospital face to face provision of care model to a nearly 90% telemedicine-based model of care.

On one side we were faced with the COVID pandemic while on the other we were faced with a worsening epidemic as opiates, especially fentanyl touched every city and rural community.

I actively gave testimony to the Alaska Legislature regarding HB 76 requesting to extend the COVID 19 disaster Emergency declaration and to the Alaska Board of Nursing regarding the adoption of emergency regulations that tie prescribing flexibilities for buprenorphine without an in person visit to a board determination of an emergency, rather than the Governor’s public health emergency.

At this time I have also returned to University to pursue my PMHNP Certificate and I am proud to be a UAA Seawolf. I am pursing this degree as I genuinely feel that our most vulnerable patients do not have access to the providers and services they , and their families need.

I am passionate about nursing advocacy and working with government on those issues that affect all of Alaska’s 800 + nurse practitioners. I have spent the past 2 years in Juneau working with The Alaska Mental Health Trust, OSMAP, Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association.

I see Nurse Practitioners in Alaska as pivotal to the delivery of health care to all residents of the state. I would like to actively work to advance the role of telehealth in the state for the delivery of care while also addressing the delivery of mental health care to adults and children alike.

I promise to be representative of all Alaska’s Nurse practitioners , to help to resolve the issues we have that hinder our provision of care and to reach out to everyone to advance our practice."

Jessica Estes

My name is Jessica Estes, I have been a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner since 2004.  I completed my Master's Degree at Vanderbilt University and my doctoral degree at the University of Kentucky.  I currently serve as the Chief Nursing Officer at Alaska Behavioral Health.  For the last 10+ years, I have served in various APRN and Regulatory Leadership Roles.   I am the immediate past president of the Kentucky Association of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives, I stepped down in 2019 to assume the Role of the Executive Director of the Kentucky Board of Nursing.  During my time with KBN I served on the state Telehealth Steering Committee.  I was recently honored as the 2021 Kentucky Nurse Practitioner Excellence award from AANP.  I would welcome the opportunity to serve in Alaska using the skills that I have developed.  
Ron Lombard

Ron Lombard has been a nurse since 2006 when he finished nursing school and began to work in the Emergency Department at Unity Point Methodist in Peoria, IL. While employed in the ED, Ron was a staff nurse, charge nurse, preceptor/mentor, board certified emergency nurse, and licensed as a trauma nurse specialist. Ron worked in the ED full-time until 2010, when he earned his Master of Science in Nursing in Education. At that time, Ron continued to work PRN in the ED until 2015. In 2010, Ron began teaching nursing full-time at Illinois Central College in Peoria, IL. Ron taught at ICC full-time until 2018. In that time, he became a tenured professor, became board certified as a nurse educator, and completed a Doctor of Nursing Practice in Leadership. In his eight years at ICC, Ron taught over 700 nursing students. 

In 2018, Ron moved to Alaska to pursue his dream of living in Alaska and improving healthcare in the state. Ron taught briefly at UAA, before being offered a position at the University of Providence (UP) in 2020. In 2020, Ron took on the role of being the Accelerated BSN Site Coordinator for the Anchorage, AK campus of UP. The program takes 18 students each January into the one-year aBSN program in Anchorage and 16 students in Montana. This innovative, and exciting new program offered in the state of Alaska and Montana has opened opportunities for students with a prior bachelor’s degree to complete a one year accelerated program to become an RN, BSN right here in Anchorage! The program has had great success and continues to grow and flourish each year. 

In 2020, Ron enrolled in school again, to pursue his Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner certification at UP. Ron has a passion for improving health within the LBGTQAI+ community and would like to practice as a nurse practitioner who works with patients of diverse and underserved backgrounds in Alaska upon graduation in December 2022. He will begin his clinical hours in 2022 and aspires to have diverse learning experiences in preceptorships. Ron would also like to explore leadership opportunities within the state of Alaska as a nurse, nurse practitioner student, and future nurse practitioner.