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Posted almost 5 years ago by Joscelyn Vanduren

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In June 2014, Senate Bill 169 was signed into law, authorizing the formation of a vaccine assessment account, from which the Alaska Immunization Program will be able to purchase pediatric and adult vaccines at discounted rates for distribution to health care providers.  An independent vaccine assessment council, appointed by the DHSS Commissioner, will determine assessments and oversee programmatic activities.

The council, which will be appointed in January 2015, will consist of two health care providers, three insurers, one representative of a public insurance or tribal health entity, and the Alaska Division of Insurance Director and DHSS Chief Medical Officer (or their designees).  Nominations for the council are being accepted through October 2014.

Requests for a nomination form should be sent to:, however for your convenience and to save your valuable time, I have attached a form to this email!!

This is a great opportunity for APRNs to step up and be part of an important health program here in Alaska... I would LOVE to see an APRN on this council!!!  I strongly encourage any (and all!!) of you who purchase vaccines for your practice to nominate yourself for this council.  Please forward/distribute this email far and wide to anyone who might be interested.  Let's give them a large pool of qualified candidates to choose from!!